Embroidery Designs & Lessons

Take a cloth for embroidery. It may be a white or light colored cloth. Hem the borders. 

Design Tracing

For transferring design on the cloth,use the yellow carbon paper, that it won't give you the blue carbon look. If the cloth is semi-transparent, directly trace the design. In light colored clothes, trace with ordinary 2B pencils. In dark colored clothes, use a dark pencil. If you are going to do five or six designs in a table cloth,don't trace all the designs at one time. Trace it and finish embroidering one by one. 


See whether the threads are of good quality and color-fast or else the color of the threads will spread out while washing.


Get the needle pack. 


Back Stitch              

Long & Short Stitch

Satin Stitch

Button Hole Stitch

Lazy Daisy Stitch

Fish Bone Stitch

Herring Bone Stitch


Chain Stitch