Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mixed Media

                          Usually my portraits moreover reflect the people I draw. Sometimes, if the person not sit comfortably in my mind, the painting will go wrong... Then I change it to another one by just washing the whole thing over with other media...acrylic over oil - because I got tired of that medium (oil).  So the whole thing get a new look and I feel refreshed...Recently I did such one thing and that work got its due appreciation....  Moreover it wont dry irritates me a little...

Background being Oil  and  Landscape in Acrylic Colors

                         Always I start working with oil colors in a good mood and after the whole painting is over i was fed up as I have to clean up all the mess it created. 

  •  I keep my paints and palette, linseed oil, turpentine and brushes...over the old news papers
  • Taking out and storing the remaining mixed colors in the Pill Boxes.  
  • Wiping the remaining colors with the paper napkin. Buy one toilet roll and keep in handy.
  • Washing palette and the brushes with the scrubber and any lime mixed cleaners will do the rest. 

                         Back to reworking, many do such things... Some scrap out the oil painting from the canvas using the palette knife and rework it with the same medium...I know one such artist, that she quickly rework the wrong one into an abstract....I am not good at abstract...but better at semi abstract...  Whatever we do, its an art....