Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Embroidery Free Lessons - Second Day

Embroidery Second Day

Today it's Catty


Take the design to the cloth.

Tight in an embroidery loop.

Put satin stitch for ears.

Outline the remaining with the same color with back stitch.

Stitch with satin stitch the flower and the tongue.

Stitch the eyes with brown color thread.

Use indian red color thread to the neck tie.

Then put lazy daisy stitch for the small flowers on the dress.

Put french knots in between (optional).

Catty is all dressed up.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Embroidery Free Lessons - First Day

First Day

Doing embroidery on a table cloth. As it is a big table cover, I am going to do many designs on this cloth. First a bird's design.
   A Bird


Stitches used
Back stitch for the outline (red color thread)
Long and Short stitch (light orange and purple color thread)

Satin stitch (black - eye, red - leg, beak)
ButtonHole stitch (Border of the feather)

  • Copy the design on the cloth.
  • Stitch the outline using back stitch.
  • Using the red thread, do buttonhole stitch for feather borders.
  • Use satin stitch to fill beak, eye and claws.
  • Long and short stitch for the purple and orange threads. 
  • Finished.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Farm Animals

Edgar Hunt's paintings of farm animals attracted everyone, no doubt. Myself also. I chose this one with goats and chickens. After finishing the sketch, I need a little finishing work on the faces of the animals. Then only I started to paint. That time I felt how difficult is to draw the animals. Really he is great of his times. I always appreciate landscape paintings and old contemporary art.

Size of the painting : 55 x 38 cm
Type of the painting : Hand made painting - Oil on canvas board
Price : Mail Me 

Deers in Water

Nature is admirable always. This one I did using only oil colors on glass. Using 'lilac strong' color for the sky and blending it into the water instead of blue. Deers in water is a pretty sight. I like this richness.

Landscape - Watercolor

                                     New one I finished is a landscape with mountains, lake and the orange sky. Mountains and the silhouette of the trees are okay. But I am not all fully satisfied with the lake, 'cause the lake hadn't come well as it suppose. Anyhow my try in watercolors is in progressive line.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Water Color Painting of a Rose

         Recently I tried my hand on watercolors. I thought it's easy. But it's not so. First I got the papers for the watercolor painting - cold pressed, 300gsm. Then I draw a landscape with pine trees on it. Drawing is good. I started painting. When the water is more in the brush, it dripped all along the painting. I have to take it with a soft cloth.
        I finished the painting and not WOW... it's horrible. Pine trees became banyan trees. Mountains in the background and foreground mixed up very well. When I try to add some dark color to distinguish them, nice..it all went blur.  Atlast I did a water color painting.

Differences between oil and watercolor

Oil colors look so natural while painting. But you can't judge watercolor like that. It shows a different version after it dried.
Oil colors blend well during shading or glazing. But a skill is required  while we do with watercolor. It won't blend but overlaps with the underlying color and mix a little.
Overdoing of watercolor will tear your paper a little.
I don't guess these are all true for water color artists. I am used to oil colors. So now I feel oil and canvas go hand in hand than water and paper. I won't let my hope die within me. I am the next one. After five paintings, I got a hold in watercolors. My last one is the rose painting. I hope this brings out the shades well than the earlier ones.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pets - Love Birds

              I am mostly inspired by the wildlife and like to draw them. Series of Farm Animals drawn by Edgar Hunt creates an interest and I finished two of them - Goats with Hen and Cattle with Hen. The various hues of brown - soil, hay, cattle, goat and huts blends well in this picture.

Cattle with Hen and Cock

             Now my new pets - a pair of love birds draw my attention. I am keen on painting them in their vivid colors of green, blue and white. The male is colorful and acts in a natural way, but the female one is quite stylish in her way and expect every work to be done by her partner, even grains are sometimes feed by him. Most of the time, the male do somersaults and she moves here and there on the bar. Nice to watch...most enjoyable.
            The cage is a old one which was made to keep my favorite pet, a parrothttp://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=mypa0b-20&l=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=0375760253 named Bobby. She lived with us for 5 years. She called names, talked many words like 'vaada(come), poda(go)' in our mother tongue Tamil, wished 'Good Morning, Hello' and whistles loudly. Now the cage needs new look. We plan to paint the cage in green and the bars in yellow.