Friday, August 21, 2009

Ravivarma Paintings

The Great Ravi Varma's Paintings inspired me always. So I tried doing some of his works.


I chose Nala-Damayanthi to draw. Canvas board of size 37.5 cm x 55 cm is used to paint this picture. I felt its bit small. Next time I intend to draw on a larger board. The lady Damayanthi (King Nala Chakravarthi's wife in the epic) so elegantly standing and chatting with the swan is nicely portrayed by Ravivarma. When I finished the sketch I am bit satisfied. Then I started painting . It came out nicely.

Looking into the Mirror

Next I chose the Mother and child looking into the Mirror doing some makeup after bath. The child stands near the edge of the table closely to its mother. I love that posture. For that alone I chose that one to paint.